Bull Development

Indian Hills Ranch bulls are developed with you, the customer, in mind. Each bull will go through several culling processes. This insures that in the end only the best in performance and structural soundness are offered.

Each bull is carefully scrutinized at weaning. The bulls that pass will go on test for either a 90 or 120 day period. While on test they will consume a diet consisting of a Purina limiting ration along with free choice hay, grass, and mineral. All bulls will be weighed at mid-point of the test for average daily gain (ADG). When the test concludes they will again be weighed as well as having all carcass data and scrotal measurements collected. At this time they will again be culled to insure that only the bulls that are sound and fertile will be offered. In the end, all information gathered not only lets you make a more informed decision, but it also gives Indian Hills the capability to truly advance the performance of their herd.

Each set of bulls tells the story of the progress and strength of the Indian Hills Ranch herd.

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