Fertility... Maternal Efficiency... Temperament... Milking Ability... Longevity... These are just a few words that aptly describe the emphasis Indian Hills has placed on their females.

Females that exhibit high volume, udder soundness, and feminity reside here. These females are put through a stringent culling process at weaning and yearling. All applicable data is collected at these times to insure that along with all of the maternal values there is also performance. Not only does Indian Hills expect their females to raise a calf, but they also need to do their part in contributing growth and feed efficiency. Her effectiveness as a cow is directly affected by how efficiently she utilizes forage.

Natural service, artificial insemination (AI), and embryo transfer all have their place at Indian Hills Ranch. These processes expand their capabilities to bring in the top end genetics available in the Brangus breed. Expect uniform registered and commercial females that will excel in your pasture.

Ms Brinks Ali 504P12

Reg No.: R9685474 | PHN: 504P12

IH Ms Chief 607W2

Reg No.: R10164094 | PHN: 607W2

IH Ms Chief 820X15

Reg No.: R10171106 | PHN: 820X15

Miss JLS Cadence 915S26

Reg No.: R10114725 | PHN: 915S26

Ms HD Ko 33J10

Reg No.: R759602 | PHN: 33J10

Ms JLS Newsmakwer 193N4

Reg No.: R9681567 | PHN: 193N4

Ms Center Ranch 23/M20

Reg No.: R9659069| PHN: 23M20

Ms Center Ranch 535/L26

Reg No.: R9659069 | PHN: 535L26

Ms Brinks Target 541R69

Reg No.: R10009897 | PHN: 541R69

Ms HD Newsmaker 543J8

Reg No.: R753190 | PHN: 543J8

Center Ms Best Bet 820/R43

Reg No.: R10030341 | PHN: 820/R43

Ms Equalizer Z15 of La Terre

Reg No.: R736859 | PHN: Z15

IH Ms Abbey 535W7

Reg No.: R10164089 | PHN: 535W7


Reg No.: R10190946 | PHN: 504X7


Reg No.: R10171094 | PHN: 535X2


Reg No.: R822489 | PHN: 820M38


Reg No.: R10190950 | PHN: 33X6