In today's cattle industry the technology and management practices are rapidly evolving. From herd health through vaccination programs to assisting in mating decisions, Indian Hills offers the services to guide you through the endless possibilities that are presented today. Indian Hills Ranch believes in being service oriented. Buying cattle from them is only the beginning. Their goal is to provide you with the tools and assistance you need to be successful in the cattle business. Buying good, sound genetics means nothing if the parts and pieces are not in place so that the cattle can reach their genetic potential. Following is a sampling of some of the areas where they can assist you.

Vaccination Programs: There are many vaccination programs available today. Depending upon your goals for marketing and the location of your livestock, some programs will fit your needs better than others. From calfhood vaccinations to reproductive vaccines in the cow herd, Indian Hills will point you in the right direction.

Forages: Selection and management of forages is an integral part of every cattle operation. The health of your pastures will directly impact the productiveness of your herd. Finding the type of forage that best fits your situation and then managing it is an area where Indian Hills becomes a valuable resource.

Nutrition: Nutrition is the backbone of a successful cattle operation. Mineral programs and feed sources affect everything from herd health and reproductiveness to feed efficiency and growth and development. Along with this is the nutritional management of different classes of cattle. Nutritional requirements of a weaning heifer versus a bred heifer versus a mature cow are very different. Understanding these management practices will help to make you successful.

Breeding Recommendations: Indian Hills will be there if you should require guidance in mating decisions or future selection of breeding stock. They keep abreast of the tried and true genetics in the commercial industry as well as the next great cattle coming out in the registered end.